Frequently Asked Questions


Questions You Want To Know

Do you accept non English sites?

Yes, We accept all languages website of the world, but the articles will still be in English and having an anchor text link with your provided keywords.

Can your Rank any Website in 30 days ?

No, We won’t be able to rank any Website in 30 days. If the onpage of your website is good and the keywords that you are targeting fall in the low to medium range, then we can can expect some improvements in rankings and traffic.

Do I need to Contact you Before Placing the Orders?

Yes, Its really important that you get in touch with us. This would enable us to understand your Business too better. We would also be able to suggest Good Keywords that you can target for the campaigns. Our support team would be available 24/7 here.

How Does the Ranking Strategy Work?

Depending upon the keywords that we select based on our discussions, we would be building high quality contextual links on different High Authority domains, Private Blog network Domains, niche relevant sites to boost the rankings.

Are Your Strategies and Methods Whitehat?

We would make sure the campaigns are safe by doing natural looking link building processes. Your site would be properly inserted on good quality blog posts for ranking improvements.

Any Guarantees for Long term Rankings?

SEO is just like a marketing process, You need to consistently carry out the same for long term value and results. We urge you to run our monthly campaigns priced at $45/month for atleast 4-6 months for long lasting results. Any site can get knocked out of Position 1 by a competition with links.

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